69 Most Important KPIs for Manufacturing

Asset utilization
Avoided cost
Capacity utilization
Comparative analytics for products, plants, divisions, companies
Compliance rates (for government regulations, etc.)
Customer complaints
Customer satisfaction
Cycle time
Demand forecasting
Faults detected prior to failure
First aid visits
First time through
Forecasts of production quantities, etc.
Increase/decrease in plant downtime
Industry benchmark performance
Integration capabilities
Interaction level Inventory
Job, product costing
Labor as a percentage of cost
Labor usage, costs-direct and indirect
Machine modules reuse
Maintenance cost per unit
Manufacturing cost per unit
Material costing, usage
Mean time between failure (MTBF)
Mean time to repair
Number of production assignments completed in time
On-time orders
On-time shipping
Open orders
Overall equipment effectiveness
Overall production efficiency of a department, plant, or division
Overtime as a percentage of total hours
Percentage decrease in inventory carrying costs
Percentage decrease in production-to-market lead-time
Percentage decrease in scrap and rework costs
Percentage decrease in standard production hours
Percentage increase in productivity
Percentage increase in revenues
Percentage material cost reduction
Percentage reduction in defect rates
Percentage reduction in downtime
Percentage reduction in inventory levels
Percentage reduction in manufacturing lead times
Percentage savings in costs
Percentage savings in inventory costs
Percentage savings in labor costs
Percentage savings in transportation costs
Planned work to total work ratio
Predictive maintenance monitoring (maintenance events per cycle)
Process capability
Quality improvement (first-pass yield)
Quality tracking-six sigma
Reduced time to productivity
Reduction in penalties
Savings in inventory carrying costs
Scheduled production
Spend analytics
Storehouse stock effectiveness
Supplier trending
Time from order to shipment
Time on floor to be packed
Unplanned capacity expenditure
Unused capacity expenditures
Waste ration reduction
Work-in-process (WIP)

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