What are OKRs?

Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) is an agile goal setting framework, aligning and tracking goals and results on company, team, and department level. OKRs are applied by companies such as Linkedin, Google, BMW, Siemens, and Samsung to engage & motivate teams to reach their strategic and tactical goals, mission & vision.

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FlowyTeam’s Learning Hub gives you added value on performance management content such as templates, manuals, videos, and articles. You can reach us via our Support Button (right bottom), if you need further guidance or help and chat directly with one of our Performance and OKR Coaches. Stay up to date on our latest developments and performance insights on OKRs, KPIs, Performance Tools, Employee Engagement & Motivation, Positive Work Culture, Business Growth, and many more business performance-related subjects.


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What are KPIs?

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving their key business metrics. Companies use KPIs at multiple levels to evaluate their business success. High level KPIs may focus on the overall performance of the business, while low level KPIs may focus on inputs, outputs and processes in departments & teams such as Marketing, HR, Sales, Manufacturing and others.

Be Agile: Make Decisions based on Real-Time Performance Data

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10 Best OKR Software in 2023 Comparison

This article will assist you in quickly comparing and evaluating the easiest to apply OKR software and other OKR tools, that will assist your business strategies and goals, and execution.

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The power of this product is incredible! Where to start... The OKR and KPI feature is awesome, 360 degree feedback is an amazing idea, the layout is very good and makes it easy to use. It is just fun working with it! And there are incredible features on the roadmap.

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Jan 20, 2022