55 Most Important KPIs for Digital Marketers

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Annual cost per reading
Average cost per article
Average cost per subscription
Average dollars per email sent or delivered
Average order size
Average quarter-hour audience
Average revenue per subscription
Average time spent listening per user (day/week/month/year)
Bounce rate
Click to open rate (number of unique clicks/ number of unique opens)
Click-through rate
Click-through rate (CTR)
Conversion rate
Conversion rate (number of actions/unique click-throughs)
Conversion rates
Cost per broadcast hour
Cost per consumed (by viewers/listeners) hour
Cost per customer
Cost per lead, prospect, or referral
Cost per production hour
Cost per viewer/listener
Cost per visitor
Cost per action (CPA)
Cumulative audience sessions
Delivery rate (emails sent, bounces)
Gross ratings points
Life cycle cost per reading
Local content as a percentage of all content
Net subscribers (number of subscribers plus new subscribers) -(bounces + unsubscribes)
Number of broadcast hours per day/week/month/year
Number of or percentage of spam complaints
Number of orders, transactions, downloads, or actions
Open rate
Output per employee (unique first run broadcast hours by employee for each medium)
Pay per click (PPC)
Pay per lead (PPL)
Pay per sale (PPS)
Percentage of broadcast hours by genre (news/sports/entertainment, etc.)
Percentage of overhead (non-direct operating costs) against total expenditure
Percentage of orders, transactions, downloads, or actions of emails sent or delivered
Percentage unique clicks on a specific recurring Iink(s)
Referral rate (“send-to-a-friend”)
Site stickiness (number of pages visited per visit)
Subscriber retention (number of subscribers, bounces, unsubscribes/number of subscribers)
Total cost per subscription
Total listener hours (day/week/month/year)
Total revenue
Total revenue per subscription
Unique visitors (total number of unique visitors per day/week/month)
Unsubscribe rate
Utilization of production resources
Value per visitor
Viewers/listeners for each medium as a percentage of total population
Website actions (number of visits to a specific web page or pages)
Website traffic (total page impressions per day/week/month)