5 Secrets to Getting the very Best out of Your Employees

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‘My Employees must Perform!’


‘Because I Pay them!’

This transactional approach to people might have a scent of logic to it – We pay people in return for their performance.

However, my friends,  willpower and energy is finite , our team members needs more than money to sustain them. The initial excitement of a new job and the willingness to impress might in some instances boost performance for a while yet more ingredients are needed to secure sustainable performance from our people.

# Secret 1

When focussed effort made to ensure that my team are empowered with the right skills, information and the communication in the business is both clear and uplifting we have made a positive step towards ensuring sustainable performance.

#Secret 2

When employees are empowered, meaning that they are encouraged to influence and participate in decision making, they are increasing their competencies and more responsibility is accepted and awarded, they are much more likely to perform at their best.

#Secret 3

When employee rewards are not only available but perceived to be fair and personal your companies’ performance is likely to be boosted. Rewards are not only bonuses, sincere verbal praise and other personal rewards are most likely to uplift your team spirit and performance

# Secret 4

When employees are inspired by a shared vision and value system it serves as fuel for increased performance. When employees see the positive impact they are making collectively on society and experience their working environment as a family unit due to sharing , understanding and living the same set of values they will be energised towards increased performance.

# Secret 5

Co-create clear goals and Kpis’ with your team members. Co-creation means our team members had a voice and they were not simply told what to do. Co-creation is an effective antidote to blame-shifting.

Clarity brings focus and diminishes the negative spells of doubt, insecurity and misunderstandings. A strong and collective focus on co-created ,clear and agreed upon goals and kpis’ will serve as a catalyst to amazing growth when combined with the other 4 elements of Performance above.

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Dirk Coetsee, Custom Performance Coaching