Most Important KPIs for Restaurants

kpis for restaurants
Sales and profitability KPIs
Cash flow
Cost of goods sold
Labour cost percentage
Sales per employee per hour
Revenue per available seat hour
Table turn rate
Average table occupancy
Spend per head
Employee turnover
Customer experience KPIs
Online reviews
Customer retention rate
Marketing KPIs
Social engagement
Website traffic
Cash flow = beginning cash – ending cash
COGS = beginning inventory + purchases during the period – ending inventory
Labour cost percentage = amount spent / total sales * 100
RevPASH = overall revenue / seats available * open hours
Table turnover rate = period of time / number of tables served during that time period
Average table occupancy = number of occupied tables / total number of available tables
Spend per head = total revenue / number of customers
Employee turnover = number of employees who left during the time period / average number of employees * 100
Online reviews
Customer retention rate = the number of customers at the end of a period – the number of new customers acquired during that period / the number of customers at the start of that period * 100